At DoliGames, we offer two ways to pre-order from the Games Workshop catalog.

  • Replenishment orders for Games Workshop products not in stock.
  • Games Workshop pre-orders available from official release date.

The DoliGames team remains at your disposal to clarify the order process or to keep you informed about the status of your order. Please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

How do replenishment orders work ?

A replenishment order means that we don't have the stock available in our store, so we have to order the unavailable products from Games Workshop, and then make them available to you.

We have the opportunity to place only one order per week with Games Workshop, always on Monday morning. This means that if your order is placed on a Tuesday for an item that needs to be restocked, the purchase order will not be submitted to Games Workshop until the following Monday.

This approach has many advantages, although it can lead to delays in processing certain orders.

Nevertheless, our privileged relationship with Games Workshop enables us to renew our stock every week, guaranteeing the regular arrival of miniatures of your favorite game, but we are also subject to Games Workshop's supply shortages.

All products identified by the words "Available on order", "Subject to availability", "Additional lead times" are concerned and therefore considered as replenishment orders.

The time needed to process an order requiring replenishment is usually between 1 and 2 weeks.

What does it mean if my order is out of stock at Games Workshop ?

It's not unusual for part of Games Workshop's catalog to be out of stock, simply to allow time for certain products to be manufactured again.

Games Workshop break times can vary from a week to several months.

Each week we order the products that are out of stock and are informed of their availability on the following days. We will repeat this procedure every week until the products in question are back in stock.

My order has been out of stock for a long time. Is this normal ?

If your order has been out of stock for a long time, this simply means that one or more of the products in your order is out of stock at Games Workshop.

Games Workshop's production lead times can vary from one range to another.

What happens if a product becomes permanently unavailable from Games Workshop ?

It may happen that a product is permanently withdrawn from the catalog after a period of more or less long unavailability. Games Workshop notifies us every Monday when a product is withdrawn from the catalog.

As soon as we are notified of a catalog update by Games Workshop, we will contact you to inform you and offer a replacement or refund.

How do Games Workshop pre-orders work ?

You'll find all our pre-order products on our Games Workshop pre-orders page, including miniature sets for Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer The Old World, Warhammer The Horus Heresy, etc ...

All products marked "Pre-order" are available for pre-order, subject to stock limitations and an availability date set by the manufacturer.

Games Workshop's new releases are usually put online on Saturday for official release the following Saturday.

Pre-orders are shipped on the day of their official release, even if your order includes products already available.

How can I make sure I get my pre-order without delay ?

To guarantee the availability of your pre-order on the day of its official release, please select a product marked "in stock".

This "in stock" indication confirms that, at the time you place your order, the product will indeed be available for shipment on the launch day.

The absence of "in stock" means that we will have to place an order with Games Workshop the following week to replenish our stock, subject to availability.

What happens if my pre-order is out of stock ?

If "in stock" does not appear when you place your order, this indicates that we do not have confirmed stock for the official release date.

Please note that some items, such as exclusive miniatures and books in languages other than English, may be so popular that Games Workshop has limited stocks.

There are two possible scenarios in the event of a pre-order running out of stock :

- The product will be available again the following week or in the months following release, although this can sometimes be a long wait depending on Games Workshop's production lead times.

  • In this case, we will place an order with Games Workshop for new items in the week following your purchase, until they are back in stock at Games Workshop.

- The product will no longer be available after the official release date, in which case we will only be informed at the last minute by Games Workshop during the weekly catalog update.

  • In this case, we will inform you as soon as possible of the outcome of your pre-order.