New Abaddon Black Base - Citadel Colour

Abaddon Black Base - Citadel Colour

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  • Excellent coverage : Citadel Base paints offer uniform coverage in a single coat, even on dark or uncoated surfaces.
  • Compatibility and synergy with Citadel Colour paints : Base paints are designed to work with other ranges, such as Layer, Shades and Technical, enabling harmonious transitions and effects.
  • Ease of use : Ready-to-use, these paints have an ideal consistency for brush application and dry quickly, making them easy to work with for beginners and experts alike.
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Citadel Colour's Base paint range, developed by Games Workshop, is specially designed to provide perfect coverage in a single coat. Ideal for hobbyists and painters of Warhammer miniatures, it provides a solid, uniform base, facilitating the application of subsequent coats.

Key features of this Base paint

  • High Opacity: Each paint in the Base range is formulated to offer maximum coverage with a single application, easily masking undercoats and original materials.
  • Fast drying: Designed for fast drying, these paints allow you to work efficiently without long waits between stages.
  • Perfect consistency: Base paints are formulated for optimum consistency, neither too thick nor too thin, guaranteeing easy, even application.
  • Compatibility: Perfectly compatible and works in synergy with the other Citadel Colour ranges, Contrast, Layer, Shade, Dry and Technical, enabling a smooth transition between different colors.

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Acrylic paint

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