New Abaddon Black Air - Citadel Colour

Abaddon Black Air - Citadel Colour

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  • Ready to use: Air paints are ready to use directly in your airbrush without the need for dilution, ensuring perfect consistency and immediate application. This saves time and simplifies the painting process.
  • Fluid, uniform application: Formulated for smooth application, Air paints cover evenly without splattering or clogging. They are ideal for creating smooth finishes and subtle gradations on your miniatures and models.
  • High precision and fine detail: Air paints enable you to achieve fine, precise detail thanks to their airbrushable consistency. They're perfect for adding delicate finishing touches and working on complex, detailed surfaces.
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Citadel Colour's Air paint range, developed by Games Workshop, is specially formulated for airbrush painting in Citadel Colour shades. Designed for smooth, even application to surfaces, this range enables you to cover large areas quickly and give a professional finish.

Key features of this Airbrush paint

  • Ready-to-use: Air paints are ready to use directly in your airbrush without dilution, ensuring perfect consistency for immediate application.
  • Uniform coverage: Formulated for fluid application, these paints provide uniform, drip-free coverage, ideal for smooth finishes and subtle gradations.

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Acrylic paint

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